With the start of 2022, new and better luxury watches are being introduced in the market. Luxury watches are of many types and they all have their own specific features and functionalities that make them unique and stand out.

With all the latest watches being introduced on the market, it can get difficult to decide which one would look the best on your wrist. There's a sea of new watches to choose from and the year hasn't even reached its halfway point yet.

No matter how many choices are available, we all have our favourite brands that we give an edge over the others. From Rolex to Patek Philippe, everyone has that one brand that they love and cherish.

Whether you are looking for a new watch in a brand that you trust or you are planning on being a little spontaneous and checking out new options this year. This list has all the best luxury watches of 2022 that you should not miss out on at all costs.


  1. Omega Speedmaster Professional:

If you have a soft spot for space and if you are not only looking for watches that look beautiful but also have the best possible functionality then this is the best pick for you this year. Omega Speedmaster professional has all the qualities that make it stand out among all the other watches. It is pleasing to the eye and has delicate features that anyone can fall in love with.

The bracelet of the watch has also been upgraded which is why this model is a lot more comfortable and easy on the hand. This watch has great accuracy as well. It is accurate to about +5 seconds a day, all because of the newly introduced coaxial escapement and silicon hairspring.


  1. Zenith Defy Extreme:

Another watch that you should definitely check out this year and consider buying is Zenith Defy Extreme. This is a beautiful and delicate watch that will look good on any hand. The design of the watch is elegant and sophisticated making it the best watch that you should have with you.

This watch has new features and specifications that give it an edge over its previous counterparts. This model comes with a quick swap system that allows you to change the bracelet to a strap and back forth, all of this at the push of a button. It is made with a titanium case which is why it is well protected and will last a long time.


  1. Rolex Explorer II:

For their 50th anniversary, Rolex has produced yet another beautiful and intricate watch for the world. This watch is a thing of beauty, both to touch and with its usage. It is made keeping in mind the needs of every type of user.

Rolex Explorer II has updated features from its previous counterpart. With this model, Rolex added modern brighter and ever-lasting lume to the indexes and hands, this feature is added to make the watch more reliable and durable. There are many upgrades to this watch. It might not seem as aesthetic as the rest of the collection by Rolex but anyone would be lucky to get their hands on this latest watch.

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